Membership Application and Dues

For new members, fill out the form below. Please provide your full name and your email address. All other information is optional, but may be printed in the club membership directory. Please enter whichever address you would like to use for receiving the newsletter and other email regarding the club. Once we have received payment of your annual dues ($25), your membership will be activated.

New or current members can pay their dues by using Zelle directly from your bank account to Alternatively, you can just give cash or check to the treasurer or membership secretary in person. We will no longer be accepting payment via Paypal or Venmo due to additional fees for the club.

If you are a current member of Big Apple Divers, you do not need to fill out the form, but members who have not paid their dues by April 1st will be removed from the club roster. If your membership has lapsed because of this, you can re-join by submitting the new member application through this page.

In order for an active member to participate in club dives, you need to provide us with the following:
• A phone number where you can be reached in case of last minute cancellations or changes.
• An image of both sides of your certification card
• An image of the club liability waiver for the current year. Click here to download this document.

The waiver and the certification card images may be submitted to the membership secretary at