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Introduction to Northeast Diving

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Once again, Big Apple Divers will be running our always popular "Introduction to Northeast Diving" program!

Divers in the New York area are lucky to have an incredible marine environment right in our backyard. Not only are there hundreds of shipwrecks of historical significance, our local waters are a vibrant ecosystem with thriving populations of marine life - including sharks, ocean sunfish and even whales!

Our Intro program is geared towards people who love diving but who haven’t had experience diving locally. Why limit your diving to when you go to the tropics, when you can get in the water here every weekend during the season? No air travel, no baggage restrictions, no hotels, and no need to take days off from work. Yes, it requires special considerations for the conditions, but that’s what the Intro program is about - getting you ready for local diving.

Our volunteer mentors (instructors and other experienced northeast divers) happily give their time to help get new people into the local diving scene. We go over gear considerations, exposure suit selection, special techniques and protocols to make your first local ocean dive safe and fun.

The program starts with a day at a quarry in Pennsylvania, While many of the club members who sign up for the program are relatively new to diving, we welcome divers of all levels who don't have experience in our area. Over the more than ten years that the Intro program has been running, we have even had warm water tech divers sign up to help them get started diving locally. The quarry event is especially inclusive, many divers who don't fit into either the "newby" or "mentor" category show up just to learn and enjoy the day!

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The program also includes a boat dive to a shallow wreck off the New Jersey shore. On these trips, we pair up each experienced mentor with one or two new divers, and we have plenty of time to go over the special considerations for diving in our area. There is a charge for a spot on the boat, and these dives tend to fill up, so be sure to secure your place early. If the trip is sold out, feel free send in name to be put on a wait list, and to let us know if you would be interested in another introductory dive if that can be arranged.

We do hope that people doing their first local boat dive with us first attend the quarry event, where we have more time to work on basic principals and techniques. For dates and times, see our schedule.

In order to set up the mentoring teams, and to order food, we need to have an accurate count of people who plan on attending. PLEASE RSVP to, and let me know if you have any questions for us - we are happy to discuss this all with you.

Finally, we have an extensive resource on this website that goes over the special gear, culture and procedures used for boat diving in our area. If you haven't done this before, be sure to check it out.

See you in the water!

Tracy Cloherty
Dive Chair

Harris Moore
Intro to Northeast Diving Advisor

This is a video of our 2022 Introduction to Northeast Diving boat charters.

This is a video of one of our 2021 Introduction to Northeast Diving boat charters.

This is the Zoom session that we did prior to our 2024 Introduction to Northeast Diving Program

This video is of our 2021 Introduction to Northeast Diving weekend at Dutch Springs.

Here is a video of one of our club dive charters.