Big Apple Divers

Founded by local scuba divers & instructors in 1971 as the New York City Sea Gypsies, and renamed in 2022 as Big Apple Divers™, we are a not-for-profit club made up of individuals of diverse ages and from all walks of life. We have one thing in common - a shared love of scuba diving. We host boat, beach & lake diving events, as well as trips out of the area. We have a special program to help new divers get into the local waters. The club also has frequent social events and a regular lecture series, through in-person meetings with a hybrid option for remote participation.

Past speakers include Jill Heinerth, Stan Waterman, Michael Aw, Amos Nachoum, Christina Zenato, Jonathan Bird, Glenn Butler, John Chatterton, Herb Segars, Richie Kohler, David Concannon, Becky Kagan Schott, Gareth Lock, Bernie Chowdhury, Mike Emmerman, and Gary Gentile, and many other divers, photographers, & explorers from around the world. We have a large archive of these presentations available for viewing.

The club relies on the efforts of members who volunteer to be officers on the Executive Committee. All of these jobs are open to any active member in good standing. Six of these positions are elected by the membership at the November meeting. These officers make up the Board of Directors, who vote on various club matters as per the bylaws, and who appoint the additional non-elected members of the Executive Committee.