Club History

Interview with the Founders

New York City has had an active scuba and free diving community for decades. We are located not only on the edge of a thriving marine ecosystem, the relatively shallow seabed just outside of New York Harbor is the final resting place of hundreds of ships, sunk by collision, war, or intentionally as artificial reefs.

The NYC Sea Gypsies was founded in 1971 by a number of local divers, including Alan and Anne Iscoe - click here to see the club's original charter. In this video interview, they talk about the the early years of diving in the area, including the skin diving Alan did off our shores as far back as the 1950s.

Newsletter Archives

The club has been publishing a newsletter since the early days as well. Thanks to Jeanne Chin (our historian) and Neal Klemens who kept these treasures for all of these years, you can now see what the New York City diving scene was like in the early 1970s, when our club was newly formed.

Click here to read back issues of the Sea Breeze.

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Click here to see our club photo album, with images of the early days of the club, as well as the early days of our members.